The media is all around us. It feeds us news, markets products, sculpts our culture and influences our viewpoints. On my blog I invite you to read that news from another angle, not just the mainstream version. Here you will find the same local stories, but with a different spin; like two railroad tracks running side-by-side but perhaps leading to a different destination.

As a journalist I not only write, I read. A lot. And like the rest of the population, I react to what I read. As a Translink commuter from Abbotsford to Vancouver, I also find myself with plenty of time to study and think about the articles I come across. It occurred to me that the information we take in comes to us with a bias. It’s almost impossible to write anything without at least a slight slant to the story. That means that there is another way to tell it; there is a gap to fill, another angle to explore. That is what I aim to do here.


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