It’s all worth it

16 10 2012

Day in and day out, we struggle and strive to get through our seemingly endless list of work. No matter what your career, some days it seems to be a never ending drudgery.

As a writer/journalist student I find weariness creeping up on me each night and making each morning far too early. We research and interview and compile information. We write…and rewrite. We publish, promote and promote some more but success is so hard to measure. Is there really any purpose for all our efforts?

And then that moment comes when see your work recognized. When it is published and out there and people are paying for it. When all your hard work has become something tangible and you can hold it and flip through the pages.

And you know that the trials and the struggle is worth it.

And so you can get up and start again each morning and you find your passion again.

Genius of Ancient Man book

After two years of research and almost another year of wordsmithing and editing, out team from Jackson Hole Bible College is excited to see “The Genius of Ancient Man” finally published:

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