Bieksa and Buble make a great team

18 10 2012

There are few things that draw Canadians together as much as hockey or charity events. So it would seem to make perfect sense to combine the two!

Last night the “Bieksa’s Buddies” charity game went off without a hitch. I wasn’t able to go but I found it a heart-warming event nonetheless. Kevin Bieksa’s fun idea raised a total of $100, 000 from ticket sales and then Michael Buble added another $100, 000. The money was contributed to Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, Canucks Autism Network and the Canucks Family Education Centre.

It was cool to see these celebrity players putting their skills towards something that makes a difference. In the face of the NHL lockout, it truly paints the Canucks team in a favourable light.

It was a fun night for everyone involved, not all about competition and winning. The game was probably one of the few times these professional players could really enjoy the game for just playing. They could cheer along with the fans about their success in raising the money and for once, everyone was on the same side.