If the unborn are people…

27 09 2012

On Wednesday Motion 312, put forward by Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth, was defeated 203-91 in the House of Commons. Woodworth’s proposed twelve-man committee, dedicated to the study of when human life begins, won’t have a chance to commence the research and we may never know what they would have discovered.

We know who, what, where, when…but why?

Claiming the motion was purely scientific, Woodworth insisted the bill was not about criminalizing abortion.

But that’s how everyone saw it.

Stephen Harper votes against Motion 312
Photo credit: Vancouver Sun http://bit.ly/STxVmY


Prime Minister Stephen Harper, hands tied due to his promises during the election, voted against the motion but allowed his caucus to vote freely. But no one expected the bill to pass, in fact its very presence in the house enraged a large majority of the public due to its supposed connections to the abortion debate.

If the motion was so doomed to failure, why the uproar?

Why the almost 20, 000 signatures on a petition against the bill?

Why the immediate reaction of fear from the Pro Choice supporters of Canada and the anger of women’s rights groups?


People had a legitimate fear of what the study would have discovered.

As reported by the Vancouver Sun “if the legal definition of when one becomes a human being were to be adjusted so that a fetus is declared to be a legal person at some earlier state of gestation, then the homicide laws would apply [to abortion]” (Conservative whip Gordon O’Connor)

This is true. If the study changed the definition of when human life begins, everything would change. It would have to. So pro-abortionists do have a reason to hate this bill.

But what if our criminal code is wrong? What if the study did find that a baby, at every stage of its growth, is human, a legal person (a view defended by Christian apologetics organization Answers in Genesis) ? Does the enourmous backlash generated by this bill reveal our true colours? Deep down do we question our current policy of abortion?

And if the unborn are people…

This raises an even more important question: if we do surmise that a fetus is in fact human…how can we allow our country go on killing unborn children?

I am not attacking women and their rights, but I am standing firm on every human’s right to life. Yes there are many unfortunate instances that could be seemingly solved by destroying the problem or getting rid of the evidence, but challenges are part of our world. Overcoming these challenges rather than avoiding them, helps us to grow and learn.

Who gives you the right to choose life or death for another, even if he or she is not yet walking the street beside you?


Van Dongen: MLA Watchdog

23 09 2012

Watch dog: fighting for integrity and competence
Photo credit: Abbynews http://bit.ly/Qb4FeN

John van Dongen, Abbotsford representative since 1995, has switched political tracks yet again. From Liberal to Conservative and now running as an independent, some might say van Dongen’s track record illuminates the opportunist for what he is. Is he forever to be known for jilting political parties as the Georgia Straight portrays him? Or perhaps he will be repeatedly quoted for choosing “the highway” as the Abbynews reports.

The question remains. How does the popular, longstanding MLA hope to be reelected when he hasn’t given voters any assurance of his political stance? Or has he?

From his own webpage, van Dongen makes it clear that integrity in the government is of utmost concern to him. He acknowledges that the public has lost confidence in their leaders and states that it is his job to be a “watch dog”. He vows to fight for political leaders to exhibit “integrity, competence, and have a true commitment to public service”. His recent resignation from the BC Conservatives only solidifies his statement. This is an MLA that truly believes in his views and is not afraid to act on them. Voters can have confidence that John van Dongen will not sit back and watch; he will not go with the flow. He will stand for the issues he cares about and fight against the incompetence he perceives.

Whether his views and perceptions align with yours is a whole different story.