Bieksa and Buble make a great team

18 10 2012

There are few things that draw Canadians together as much as hockey or charity events. So it would seem to make perfect sense to combine the two!

Last night the “Bieksa’s Buddies” charity game went off without a hitch. I wasn’t able to go but I found it a heart-warming event nonetheless. Kevin Bieksa’s fun idea raised a total of $100, 000 from ticket sales and then Michael Buble added another $100, 000. The money was contributed to Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, Canucks Autism Network and the Canucks Family Education Centre.

It was cool to see these celebrity players putting their skills towards something that makes a difference. In the face of the NHL lockout, it truly paints the Canucks team in a favourable light.

It was a fun night for everyone involved, not all about competition and winning. The game was probably one of the few times these professional players could really enjoy the game for just playing. They could cheer along with the fans about their success in raising the money and for once, everyone was on the same side.


Disappointment rises when skydiver doesn’t fall

10 10 2012

Anyone watching for Felix Baumgartner falling from the sky yesterday was left disappointed. High winds forced the Red Bull Stratosteam to call off the launch. With so many possibly risks, there is desperate need for caution.

Joseph Kittinger and Felix Baumgartner were disappointed to learn that the Tuesday launch was cancelled just before take off. (screenshot from live stream on National Geographic, Tuesday)

If you’re out of the loop, Baumgartner was planning to skydive from the “edge of space” as his team puts it. Jumping from a height of 37km, the dive will break records for the highest, fastest and longest skydive in history. The previous record holder, Joseph Kittinger, is supporting with the jump and acting as Baumgartner’s personal mentor.

All for the sake of science?

Apparently it’s not all about record-breaking. Baumgartner’s pressurized suit will be able to collect data for scientific research and the jump itself will tell scientists a lot about how the human body can handle the extremes of space. “The Mission” is just part of todays medical and scientific research hoping to gain information for future pioneers.

The plastic film air balloon designed to lift Baumgartner to the height of 37km above earth could be stressed by temperatures as low as -57° C (screenshot from live stream on National Geographic, Tuesday)

One has to wonder if it really all comes down to science. How much of this is really just thrill-seeking? It’s an expensive thrill, that’s for sure. And a potentially deadly one, hence the unfortunate delay in the proceedings.

Hopefully the event, rescheduled for Thursday, will go off without a hook and the world will be looking at a new record holder and some more research from the edge of space.

To be hipster…or not to be hipster…

1 10 2012

A quick #hipster search on Twitter will reveal it is a popular trend. An Instagram search of the same hashtag will give you over 1.1 million results and that’s not including the thousands of other photos tagged under various similar names “hipsters” or “hipsterfashion” or, amusingly, the common misspelling: “hispter”.

Being a hipster is about “looking like you aren’t trying”.
Photo credit: stefan.erschwendner on flickr

What is a “hipster”?

What is this trend sweeping the nation? According to WikiHow, “it’s that, ‘I can’t be bothered’ look that actually takes some planning until you get into the habit”. WikiHow tells the hipster wanna-be that they can’t take themselves too seriously and that the goal is to look like you aren’t trying.

For someone who is most definitely NOT hipster and not into the whole “hipster” scene, I’ll admit, it’s hard to understand. I hear that it’s about being non-mainstream, non-matching patterns, shopping at thrift stores, growing your own food, being vegetarian, looking vintage, hanging out in the right places – with the right people and yet… not trying. Sounds like a whole lot of work to me.

The affects of being “hipster”

And is all that work really worth it? Do people choose to be hipster because it is “cool” or because it really defines them? The “not trying” attitude of the hipster culture is not very attractive to the rest of the world. How do you expect to find an employer when you give off the impression that you don’t like to try? And if that negative attitude starts to influence your relationships, how do you expect to keep your friends?

“ironic” T-shirts are a great choice for any hipster wardrobe.
Photo credit: juplife on flickr

And what happens when it becomes mainstream to be hipster? Then what? What happens when it becomes mainstream to be non-mainstream?

I suppose this trend will come and go like the rest, but until then the #hipster will continue to flood the social media and the streets of our cities.

I love the diversity of our world, the freedom we have in our country to display our personalities and quirks, the beauty of multi-culturalism and unique tastes. There is always something new to learn about the people around us.

If you consider yourself hipster, or have more insight into the hipster world, please enlighten me with your comments. I love to hear your take on the trend.

Australia’s Justin Bieber?

22 09 2012

Perhaps I’m behind a bit here but I just stumbled across Australian pop star, Cody Simpson, today in the entertainment section of 24 hrs Vancouver. I’m not usually one to cover entertainment stories or celebrity news but this article caught my attention and got me musing. My first thought about this 15-year-old star: “Have we got a new Justin Bieber?”

Now I will admit, I’ve never had even the slightest case of the so-called “Bieber Fever” and so my reaction to a similar young celebrity is probably going to be tainted by past experience. But it seems these young stars all have the same things to say, the same perfect face, and a following of young fans numbering in the millions.

From the cynical side of things one has to ask: What exactly does a 15-year-old really know about dating and relationships anyways? How can they really advise an inspired fan on how to achieve goals? Can someone so young really live up to the adoration and expectations set upon them or are they being set up for a fall?

But on the other hand, I congratulate the young man. He has done well and succeeded in an area that millions can only dream about. He has a lot on his plate to work through and it can’t be easy. Lots of life adjustments and different relationships and people to cater to, so good luck Cody!

And one has to appreciate the cliché, “happily ever after”, advice he gives to other young dreamers: “Always be yourself…listen to your heart”

Perhaps every country needs a Bieber.