Warning: Cereal Killer

13 10 2012

You know the world is becoming a dangerous place when you can’t safely eat your cereal.

@GlobalBC tweeted this morning about Kellogg’s recall of a variety of their Mini Wheat products. Apparently the popular breakfast cereal could contain metal fragments.

Recalls seem to be trending after the massive recall of Alberta’s XL Foods beef. Now the mini wheats and these quickly followed by some Fresh Express brand romaine salads also tweeted by @GlobalBC. Officials fear salmonella contamination.

The mention of Kellogg’s cereal brings me back to the days when Mini Wheatswere a staple in our house. Every morning before school, I filled my bowl with milk and dry cereal. From Rice Krispies, to Cheerios to Mini Wheats, as a kid, it was a normal and pleasant way to start the day.


No one would expect anything dangerous in their morning meal. Cereal is a staple for many households and recent recalls are a surprise for all.

Nowadays, I don’t even have time for that simple meal. I am rushing around, always on a tight schedule and surely not doing myself any favours where health is concerned. Up early, up late and practically running through the different events of my day in between.

Don’t even have time to read the news…hence regulated to reading tweets about it.

Sometimes I long for the slow-paced easy days of my childhood when my biggest concern was my older brother eating all the Mini Wheats before I could get any. But then again, after the recent recalls, maybe I’ll just stick with Cheerios.




7 responses

13 10 2012

I like your use of punchline at the end. Really good post!

13 10 2012

I’m going to be the odd ball here but I’ve never had mini wheat cereal! I’d better try some before they recall all of them !

13 10 2012

As usual, love your posts!

Have recalls (I’m thinking the recent beef recall) always been so prevalent, or is social media making them seem so with trending topics and what not? This is all making me afraid to eat (no… nothing will keep me from eating!).

13 10 2012

okay I didn’t need to reference the beef recall, you obviously already noted that! I swear I read your piece, I think I’m just tired. :-S

13 10 2012

I definitely hear about more of them because of the media!

13 10 2012
Shari Styles

Cheerios was always you kids favorite anyway 🙂 now it’s time to slow down and eat breakfast….this is your Mother speaking!

14 10 2012
Alan O'Sullivan

I’m not sure if the proliferation of recalls means the food industry is getting more sloppy or the inspection system is getting more effective. Either way, I’m definitely staying away from beef for a while.

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