Old School

18 09 2012

Get out into the world and see it for yourself. There is nothing that can replace reality

I think I’m too old school for all this new media stuff. Give me a pen, a notebook, and a library.




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20 09 2012

You’re never too old to learn new tricks. I’m proof of that. When I first began as a journalist – back in the olden days – we used typewriters (do they still make those?) to pound out our stories and then the copy was output on a linotype machine (look it up on Wikipedia), so it could be pasted on to a page flat.
These days I’m considered a social media expert. Who would have thunk?
Bottom line: No matter what the communication platform, it’s all about storytelling.

27 09 2012
Amy R (@mrsamyer)

Agreed. 🙂

24 09 2012

I agree–there is still something wonderful about pens, journals, and real paper-copy books!

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